More cheap penis pumps hit the market

It seems that there are several new penis pumps coming to the market in the very cheap price range. I think it is good to have some very affordable options out there, but I also believe that there are plenty of cheap options on the market, and that the industry needs to focus on other things like ease of us and pleasure. With so many cheap pumps already available, why are these manufactures and distributors still putting out new colors with the same basic cheap plastic cylinder / squeeze bulb combo?


Another cheap penis pump

I guess there are factories around the world that are offering a plastic cylinder with a rubber squeeze ball for next to nothing, so sex toys distributors are taking advantage of these low prices, slapping a sticker or different color on them, giving it a different name and sku number, and hoping they will sell a few thousand of them. At that low of a price point, I am sure they will, but I would like to see more innovation with newer pumps, not just cheap prices and new color options.

What kind of innovation should be coming to the penis pump market? I would love to hear your comments about this, as I put together my thoughts and work on next week’s article featuring some of the ideas that I have for new and upcoming pump options.