Collapsible expandable pump design ideas

I dawned on me the other day that it should be possible make a penis pump that is collapsible. It would be great for those who travel and want to take the pump for the ride (or flight). I suppose this could be made with graduated cylinders that link up together, but I imagine there is a type of plastic available that could easily crush a bunch of ridges to become almost flat and then expand to become a fuller size. Of course the plastic would have to stay rigid enough to maintain the pressure needed for some solid pumping, so maybe my first idea is not the best.

The graduated cylinders would be great for many reasons as well. Having multiple graduated cylinders would make it easier to have a pump that can get smaller or larger in size. I think many men would appreciate having a smaller penis pump than what they average size is sold today. Of course a kit / pump system that allowed for expanding the length would be cool as well.

Maybe we will see some penis pump designs like these in the future, but maybe not. I mean there are some many inexpensive pumps already on the market I guess it’s no big deal to buy a couple different sizes, and if you needed one for travel you could simply just order a new one and have it shipped to your hotel or wherever you are going. Oh well, always trying to think outside the box for making it easier and more convenient to get pumped up!