This penis pump blog is written by a guy who enjoys sharing information about adult sexual devices. I love sex toys, and sex toys for men need to be more out in the open. I think it is obvious that not only am I providing information about sexual enhancement products, but I also earn a commission from many of the products sold through this web site and many of the web sites that this site links to. Some people think this becomes some kind of conflict of interest. I think that the average internet user is quite aware that there may be some bias among web publishers who offer to sell products along with information. None-the-less here is some additional disclosure for you.

We do not offer every penis pump available in the world, you may find other pumps elsewhere. I also encourage you to research other reputable places for information about these devices, their uses and limitations. I really try to provide honest information here, if you find something that is not accurate, please contact me and let me know! You can use the comment form below.

Of course I encourage you to consider promoting sexual toys and earn a commission from adult webmaster affiliate programs.

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