More penis pump choices

We have been considering adding even more penis pump choices to the web site. Sometimes we think that we already offer too many pumps, and that can make choosing the right pump to order a difficult task. Sometimes we think that we should add some more of the high end pumps, or add additional shopping options.
I recently saw a new penis pump that is just coming out, one with a digital pressure gauge. At an industry only sex toy conference a couple of nice masturbators and penis pumps were shown to be coming out this year. I really liked the styling of the new digital pump, but I have my reservations about depending on batteries and electronics when it comes to these things. Personally a regular analog gauge that won’t run out of energy or otherwise fail easily is what I prefer.


digital power pump

I have been considering adding some info about other forms of male sexual arousal devices as well. Many people use a penis pump to get a firmer erection quicker, and there are plenty of other tools and toys that can add to the sexual arousal of men these days. If you think we should add additional shopping options, or more pumps of a certain type, please let us know in the comments below!

Silicone Pump Sleeve – Nice Add On

This is a very nice add on for just about any penis pump. This silicone sleeve will attach to the end of most pumps, and adds a layer of comfort and makes your pump easier to use. Having a sleeve attached at the end of your cylinder will generally make it easier to get the suction needed to pull the blood flow to your penis easier. If you can get a good fit using the sleeve, you will not need to push as hard against your body in order to get a good seal. Many men find the various types of sleeves feel good, and add extra pleasure to the pumping experience.

Silicone penis pump sleeve

Silicone penis pump sleeve (short)

Order cockrings with your penis pump!

If you want to get maximum benefits from using a penis pump as an erectile dysfunction / erection enhancement tool, then we highly recommend ordering some cock rings when you order your pump. Some of the higher end systems come with a cock ring, but most of those systems only come with with type / size. We suggest new users get a selection of different types of rings in order to find the style, material, and size that works best for you.