More cheap penis pumps hit the market

It seems that there are several new penis pumps coming to the market in the very cheap price range. I think it is good to have some very affordable options out there, but I also believe that there are plenty of cheap options on the market, and that the industry needs to focus on other things like ease of us and pleasure. With so many cheap pumps already available, why are these manufactures and distributors still putting out new colors with the same basic cheap plastic cylinder / squeeze bulb combo?


Another cheap penis pump

Multiple pumps or one pump for all uses?

I often wonder how many of us use more than one pump, for different situations. Certainly many people who purchase a penis pump will end up buying a second one, but how many of use actually have different ones for different occasions?

I have found that many people who purchase that first pump, and usually it is a cheap one, end up going going for a better model not long after getting that initial start with pumping. Sure some men end up buying a new one, or just a pump cylinder after many uses and they need a larger one to go bigger, but I think after using one for a while, we start to get really critical about all the parts.