More and more medical places offering penis pumps

We have noticed that more and more medical stores are offering penis pumps. I wonder if it all started with the pot-t-vac commercials, or if all of these medical supply places have always had pumps for sale, they are just more noticeable. We have seen that places offering medicaid covered penis pumps have been in the news lately, and we see more places online that offer the more expensive, medically recommended devices with “tension bands” or “penis rings”.


imp aid vacuum erection device

How I became a penis pumper

I was working in a sex toys store, and I had people asking me questions, inquiring about the uses for a penis pump. They wanted to know how they worked, and if they worked. I had no idea at the time, so I did some research.

When we sold a pump in the store it was standard practice to open it up, and place is firmly on the palm of the hand, and squeeze to make sure it produced suction and pressure. I was amazed at how much and how quickly it would suck on the palm of my hand! So the research began. I searched dozens of web sites to learn about cock pumps.