Working on a new penis pump chart page

We are working on a new penis pump chart page. We have noticed that there are many people interested in penis pumps for different reasons. Some people are looking for penis pumps out of general curiosity, and some people are looking for options to get a larger penis. some people are looking for pumps as an aid for erectile dysfunction, or ED, especially with so many TV commercials talking about them these days. Other people are just looking for a fun toy to use as a masturbation device, or sexual aid. With so many different uses for penis pumps, and so many different pumps out there, we have decided that it is time to lay them out into a chart and show some of the benefits in the spreadsheet or table type layout.
It may take us another week to get the first version put together and online, so bear with us. Once we have it created and uploaded for the world to see, we will add a link here to the new page. We would also appreciate any comments that you may have about the various pumps. The new chart will be coming soon!