Got a new quick draw pump in this month

So I ordered a new quick draw penis pump this month. It’s been a while since I ordered a new pump, and being as through it’s currently our editor’s choice for best pump under $50, I thought it would be a good one to get a hold of again.

Quick Draw Penis Vacuum Pump

Quick Draw Penis Vacuum Pump

I love the fact that it comes with a penis tension band (cock ring), and that it has a removable rubber inner sleeve. I also really enjoy the squeeze trigger that this thing has, as it is much easier to use and easier on the hands than some of the small finger squeeze mechanisms that you get with many of the cheaper pumps available today.

Order cockrings with your penis pump!

If you want to get maximum benefits from using a penis pump as an erectile dysfunction / erection enhancement tool, then we highly recommend ordering some cock rings when you order your pump. Some of the higher end systems come with a cock ring, but most of those systems only come with with type / size. We suggest new users get a selection of different types of rings in order to find the style, material, and size that works best for you.

More and more medical places offering penis pumps

We have noticed that more and more medical stores are offering penis pumps. I wonder if it all started with the pot-t-vac commercials, or if all of these medical supply places have always had pumps for sale, they are just more noticeable. We have seen that places offering medicaid covered penis pumps have been in the news lately, and we see more places online that offer the more expensive, medically recommended devices with “tension bands” or “penis rings”.


imp aid vacuum erection device

Penis Pump on Scrubs sitcom

A great video from the hit television show Scrubs that talks about a penis pump. I had the pleasure of seeing the entire episode on television but this great little clip was the funniest part of the whole show. Was very cool to find the clip on YouTube and since finding this great clip I have found several or lots of other clips I am going to feature here on te blog.