Got a new quick draw pump in this month

So I ordered a new quick draw penis pump this month. It’s been a while since I ordered a new pump, and being as through it’s currently our editor’s choice for best pump under $50, I thought it would be a good one to get a hold of again.

Quick Draw Penis Vacuum Pump

Quick Draw Penis Vacuum Pump

I love the fact that it comes with a penis tension band (cock ring), and that it has a removable rubber inner sleeve. I also really enjoy the squeeze trigger that this thing has, as it is much easier to use and easier on the hands than some of the small finger squeeze mechanisms that you get with many of the cheaper pumps available today.

Collapsible expandable pump design ideas

I dawned on me the other day that it should be possible make a penis pump that is collapsible. It would be great for those who travel and want to take the pump for the ride (or flight). I suppose this could be made with graduated cylinders that link up together, but I imagine there is a type of plastic available that could easily crush a bunch of ridges to become almost flat and then expand to become a fuller size. Of course the plastic would have to stay rigid enough to maintain the pressure needed for some solid pumping, so maybe my first idea is not the best.

Multiple pumps or one pump for all uses?

I often wonder how many of us use more than one pump, for different situations. Certainly many people who purchase a penis pump will end up buying a second one, but how many of use actually have different ones for different occasions?

I have found that many people who purchase that first pump, and usually it is a cheap one, end up going going for a better model not long after getting that initial start with pumping. Sure some men end up buying a new one, or just a pump cylinder after many uses and they need a larger one to go bigger, but I think after using one for a while, we start to get really critical about all the parts.

New pumps and online shopping features

We have added some new pumps to the online store, and added new features for adding new items to your shopping cart! Now when you add more items to your cart, our online store using ajax to zap it into your cart and you can continue shopping. We have added some new pumps this month as well.

You might enjoy the excellent price point that the new penis pumps from Hustler are available in.

Hustler pumped up penis pump

Hustler pumped up penis pump