Pos-T-Vac pump on TV covered by medicare

The first time I saw a commercial for the pos-t-vac penis pump on TV I was blown away, I was amazed that the cable channels were running a commercial for a penis pump. I actually recorded it, it was a 30 minutes long infomercial the first time I saw it. I was very interested to see how they were promoting the benefits of a penis pump, in a TV friendly way, and impressed that they got this particular device approved by the FDA for marketing, and covered by medicare.

Penis Pump on Scrubs sitcom

A great video from the hit television show Scrubs that talks about a penis pump. I had the pleasure of seeing the entire episode on television but this great little clip was the funniest part of the whole show. Was very cool to find the clip on YouTube and since finding this great clip I have found several or lots of other clips I am going to feature here on te blog.