Cock Rings

Cock rings are a great way to keep your erection harder, longer.

We recommend first time users get a multi-pack of various sizes to experiment and find the perfect size. Once you find the right size or choose an adjustable cockring, you will then be able to consider other cock rings or “penis tension bands” as some places call them in similar sizes.

Do not overuse cock rings, do not use them overnight. Most people keep cock ring use to under 30 minutes. Keep an eye on your penis and make sure you do not over due it. Check the penis pump safety tips for additional info.

Add the super silicone cock rings in blue to your cart for only $12

3 Rings, 3 Sizes, 100% Silicone.
Large diameter: 2" Medium diameter: 1.625" Small diameter: 1.25"
Phthalates free
Manufacturer: Nasswalk
Our Price: $11.99 

Learn more about cock ring use from go ask alice!

We have more than 150 different types of cockrings and cock ring sets in our adult toy superstore - click here to see them all.

We also offer a penis pump specific cock ring that is what similar medical devices use as an attached “penis tension band” - we call it the Penis Pump Commander Erection Enhancer - you can add it to your cart for only $7


Super Silicone Cockrings - Blue

Super silicone cock rings set in blue

Add Super Silicone Rings

Penis Pump Commander Erection Enhancer-lg

Add commander enhancer rings


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Keep your penis harder, longer, by adding some cockrings!

nitrile cock rings